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My Approach


I am committed in turning problems into solutions as safely, effectively and quickly as possible. I take a person-centred approach towards treating and empowering the individual. Given the diversity of my training, I am able to offer a wide range of treatment services in a range of different areas of mind, body, spirit and soul. I draw upon a balanced mix of psychotherapeutic and psychological approaches, combined with the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

As your holistic therapeutic guide, I can work in partnership with you to develop a treatment plan with goals that suit your personality and lifestyle. We are all unique and I will work with you in a dynamic way that empowers you to get the most effective results, rather than getting tied into longer-term therapy. The advantages of using hypnosis is that fewer sessions are required, generally, between 1 and 6 sessions (depending upon the presenting issues).

I am passionate about helping to teach people how to learn to help themselves, as I believe all the power is within you to transform. I am the author of 'SOULutions: Soul Healing Poetry To Set Your Soul Free' and 'Creative Locksmith: Helping You To Unlock Your Magic Within', that are two very useful tools in mindfulness and self-empowerment, available either directly from me in person, or in the books for sale Shop section from the top bar menu of this website, or on Amazon (where you will also find plentiful customer reviews).

My Speciality Areas Include:

•Going through, adapting and coping with change and transition

•Personal development – inner work, realising your full potential

•Mental and Spiritual well-being


•Self-empowerment and self confidence in who you are

•Past life regressions

To give you a taster of one of the services I can offer you, please watch this You Tube video link from the Healing-Hunter-Series 

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