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My Fees and Appointments

For Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression, Reiki Energy Healing and Oracle Card Readings

Payment is due before each session is booked. I accept cash or direct bank transfer or Paypal.

Cancellation Policy: There is no charge for re-sceduling a pre booked appointment for a later date with at least 48hrs prior notice. I understand that unexpected things happen, but I do ask that if you need to cancel or postpone a session that you give me at least 48hrs notice. Cancellations made within less than 48hrs notice will be charged.

Ray of Light

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy

First Consultation (up to 15mins) is FREE, £75 per hour thereafter (Block Book Discounts Available)

Intuitive Counseling

Reiki Energy Healing

Either Hands-on or Hands Hoovering is optional, £55 for 1 hour

The Leap

Vedic Soul Map Astrology and Oracle Card Wisdom Readings

for your every question ...£60 for 1 hour reading (can do online), Vedic Indian Astrology £90- includes your full birth chart 'Soul Map' & detailed interpretation


Self Help Tool Books

for wise purchase self-investment (ranging from £7-£10 including UK p&p)

To book a healing session or oracle card reading, or for any other enquiries email or ring 07484688811

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