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I am a very creative healer in the more modern era of soul energy healing. 

Many people who know me personally describe me as being a well balanced hybrid of an ancient old wise soul, combined with having cosmic star-seed energy and wisdoms. In a Native Indian sacred naming sweat lodge ceremony, I was given the name of Chanté Hin Han Win, which in Lakota Native Indian translates directly as 'Heart Owl Woman' or 'Inner Owl' for short. I have had many past lifetimes being close to Mother Earth and to Father Sky, and in this lifetime my life purpose is to help empower and free people from all that keeps them from being who they truly are, as a human being in a human physical body but also on a mind, soul and spiritual level. I am incarnated in this lifetime to help unify all of our different parts as integrated, so that we as a human species can evolve as united in freedom, peace, truth and wisdom. These are my core values and guiding principals of practice. 

I am professionally trained in the scientific fields of psychology and psychotherapeutic approaches and related academic disciplines such as sociology, anthropology and criminology, but I also draw upon ancient shamanic practices in my approach, that includes sound healing with the drum and rattle, and honouring of the five directions and elemental rhythms of life, power totem animals and other sacred ceremonial practices. I also draw upon the law of attraction and quantum physics and more modern era philosophical principals and theories, creating the services of what I offer people, very diversely rich and layered with wisdoms of different knowledge based systems. 

Essentially I work very intuitively as my spiritual name 'Inner Owl' suggests. I help guide people to do their inner work on their journey within inside themselves to help them/you remember who you truly are, recover what you are here on this planet for, to help you complete your life purpose with full conscious awareness and understanding of self as a whole, complete and integrated, on-purpose human being. 

I am a stand up poet, a creative retreat facilitator and teacher/guide, as well as a therapist and counsellor. My overall approach is a 'whatever works' attitude to tune in with any individual the universe presents me with, to help guide them back to their already complete selves, with all their own answers within. I just hold the space, to guide them and professionally keep them safe on their journey of self-exploration in this gigantic playing ground arena full of learning lessons of life. 

My best advice when deciding upon who you want to work with, and if you are thinking about whether to work with me or not, is to connect with me, give me a non-obligatory call and lets chat freely for 10-15 minutes, and you will soon get an instinctual, intuitive sense of whether or not I am the right healer, therapist, counsellor, teacher, author for you or not. Always trust and go with your instincts, you have nothing to loose, only everything to gain.

Whatever the outcome of your decision, I wish you many abundant blessings on your onward journey and may the universe smile favourably upon you.

Love and Blessings,

Zoë Owl  

Please watch the You Tube video below of me being interviewed by Hannah Sweeney the Healing Hunter as part of the Healing Hunter to get a flavour of the types of services I can offer you click on the link 

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