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SOULutions is available in paperback, e-book and kindle versions.


Soulutions gently guides her readers on a journey of discovery into the great unknown: to the depths of the human soul. The author wisely uses her own transformative life experiences as a vehicle template to transport her soul travelling readers into overcoming their adversities and fears in life, launching into joyful SOULutions to be shared in unity. 


Life adversities such as family dysfunction, ancestoral karma, poveryt consciousness, limited self-beliefs, disempowerment from the ruling system, separateness and isolation, loneliness and feeling misunderstood, freakish even, addictions in the denial and avoidance of emotional pain and reality, feeling over-burdened and overwhelmed with a good dose of lack of self-worth for good measure, co-dependency and being de-tribed are all aspects that underpin the WARRIORS PATH. 


SOULutions bravely journey's with the soul curious and the already seasoned soul travelling readers, in meeting and facing these aspects of shadow self in full beam headlights. 


SOULutions gifts her readers with invaluable poetical wisdoms to both soothe heal and assist the soul to freely soar to new heights. To fly from a denser and darker place of disempowerment to an enlightened position of SOUL FREEDOM.


SOULutions lights up the open skies for her readers to follow their hearts, bravely speak their truth in seeing, hearing, accepting, loving and honouring their authentic selves by allowing themselves to choose to be free and live their life on their own terms. This courageous warriors path often requires the current standard rules to be bent, and sometimes broken but always with admirable intention for the higher collective good of all. 


SOULutions transcends barriers with her readers to overcome limitations of mind to be in the heart space of oneness with all that is, as it is, with unconditional love. 


SOULutions reconnects her readers at a very deep and personal level with MOTHER NATURE for SHE is our ultimate MOTHER HEALER and RENEWER OF ENERGY AND LIFEFORCE. 


SOULutions encourages her readers to be truly self-loving in their true power, seeing the nonsensical world at times around them with loving and non-judgemental eyes. 


SOULutions shows her readers by real life example to create their own chosen realities, by beginning with themselves in returning to the pure-self underneath the mask.


Are you ready to bravely and honestly take that journey to your very own SOULution in setting and soaring your SOUL FREE? If the answer is yes my dear friend and reader, then you need to read me! For I am your SOUL's  MEDICINE xxx

SOULutions: Soul Healing Poetry To Set Your Soul Free

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