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This book will help reduce the stigma of being psychic. It was a concept created by fellow author Alison Ward and contains 44 true life stories from men and women of spiritual and psychic awakenings and personal experiences. It was created during lockdown. Do you experience synchronisities, coincidences, déjà vu or find yourself asking "Is there more to life?" Then this book is for you! Your hidden toolbox is waiting to be opened. It is time to satisfy your curiousity. To stand up and be psychic and proud. This is a tool book for anyone who wants to know more about using your intuition and how it can benefit both you and others. A must read - its simply fascinating. A miracle book indeed!

Reluctantly Psychic Book - True Stories of Awakenings & Soul Purpose

  • Each printed book costs £14.44 unit price, plus P&P normal first class standard post is £3.56 so for one book copy the total cost is £18.00.

    Books can be author signed to a given name (seller/gift named person) if you email the details to

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