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Welcome To My Website

This site is for people who have decided that NOW is the time for them to change some aspect of their life for the better.....and for the soul searching curious....

Greetings Fellow Soul Traveller, I am blessed and so pleased that you have landed upon and are reading my website and are connecting with me in the virtual world. I have much to offer you. 

I can help you to effectively and quickly address and heal your unwanted behaviour patterns, remove your self-limiting beliefs and blocks that can be debilitating. 

I can help you to improve the quality of your life, to unlock your own resources and facilitate the changes that need to happen, in order for you to live your life powerfully and on purpose, on your own terms.

Have a look at my broad range of different healing and teaching services on offer, designed to empower you and bring peace of mind, body and soul.

My Speciality Areas Include:

•Going through, adapting and coping with change and transition

•Personal development – inner work, realising your full potential

•Unlocking creativity within

•Mental and Spiritual well-being


•Self-empowerment and self confidence in who you are

  • Soul liberation & Integration

Past life regressions (click here)

I am many things, but ultimately I am a qualified and experienced intuitive healer that can guide and assist you on your own journey. Whether you are just curious and want to explore more about your soul's journey, lessons, plans and purpose, or whether you have a specific area in need of some inner work and focus, I am happy to be of service to you, for the greater good of all. 

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My Approach

I am committed in turning problems into solutions as safely, effectively and quickly as possible. I take a person-centred approach towards treating and empowering the individual. Given the diversity of my training, I am able to offer a wide range of treatment services in a range of different areas of mind, body, spirit and soul. I draw upon a balanced mix of psychotherapeutic and psychological approaches, combined with the Law of Attraction and quantum physics.

As your holistic therapeutic guide, I can work in partnership with you to develop a treatment plan with goals that suit your personality and lifestyle. We are all unique and I will work with you in a dynamic way that empowers you to get the most effective results, rather than getting tied into longer-term therapy. The advantages of using hypnosis is that fewer sessions are required, generally, between 1 and 6 sessions (depending upon the presenting issues).

I am passionate about helping to teach people how to learn to help themselves, as I believe all the power is within you to transform. I am the author of 'SOULutions: Soul Healing Poetry To Set Your Soul Free' and 'Creative Locksmith: Helping You To Unlock Your Magic Within', that are two very useful tools in mindfulness and self-empowerment, both books are available either directly from me in person, or in the books for sale Shop (click here) section or from the top bar menu of this website, or on Amazon (where you will also find plentiful customer reviews).


My Story and Working Background

I have worked in a variety of settings (including substance misuse and mental health services, psychiatric wards, domestic refuges, prisons, state care and the educational system) with people suffering from addictions, mental health problems, dealing with trauma and bullying, escaping from domestic abuse and violence and having been abandoned in state care, living hopelessly. My diverse experience and integrative skills will ensure that I can deliver a highly personalised and productive service to finding solutions to whatever problem or unwanted behaviour you face. Together we shall overcome adversity.

Having overcome my own adverse set of background circumstances and turning my pain into fuel, I have been on the most incredible adventure of personal transformation, blossoming into the warrior wise woman I am today. This has been achieved through several dedicated years of undergoing my own therapy as a life learner client and conducting my soul-searching journey that took me on an around the world travelling cosmic walkabout! I have published my journey in SOULutions: Soul Healing Poetry to Set Your Soul Free’ and now work as a clinical therapist and spiritual guide with the heart felt intention to help others find their true freedom. Naturally, I am very empathic to other souls walking their earth walk on the most important journey of all: the road within.


My Professional Training Background

I am a fully qualified and registered psychologist, hypnotherapist (specialising in psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, a certified NLP practitioner and past life regression therapist) having trained under the expert supervision and gained a Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy from the internationally renowned Dr Tom Barber & Dr Sandra Westland of The Contemporary College of Therapeutic Studies, Birkbeck University of London.

I am a qualified and experienced Usui Reiki Practitioner (First and Second Degree) in natural spiritual energy healing, trained and attuned by Torsten Lange of the Reiki Academy in London.

I trained at the Kingston School of Psychic Studies under supervision of the internationally acclaimed psychic teacher Molly Ann Fairley, studying past life regression, psychometry, tarot card reading, remote viewing, the Akashic records, The Lords of Karma and much more. I am naturally intuitively psychic in a number of modalities and have worked alongside Molly at Mind, Body and Spirit events.

I have also been certified as an oracle card reader under supervision from Dr Doreen Virtue a world-wide famous psychologist, psychotherapist, prolific author, psychic, singer and Angel Therapy/Angel Tarot creator extraordinaire.

I hold a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from the University of Lancaster, and a Master of Science degree in Psychology from Stirling University, supervised by the internationally prestigious Professor Vicki Bruce O.B.E.

I have a level 2 certificate in Counselling and Crisis Mediation and am a qualified teacher, obtaining my P.G.C.E. from The University of Middlesex and have taught in a variety of different educational settings and to all levels from primary to postgraduate and all in between.

Wandering Traveler



I am happy to be of service to you either by way of one to one hypnotherapy, counselling or reiki energy healing sessions, or perhaps by way of my poetical healing words in my books 

featured in the SHOP (click here) section at the top menu bar of this website, or from Amazon/Kindle. 

I can help you with a multitude of different challenges, such as help with self-confidence raising, to fully realise and actualise who you truly are and just what you are fully capable of doing and achieving. I can help you to physically, mentally and spiritually build better self-esteem, unlocking your blocks that keep you from living the life of your dreams. I can help you to overcome any problems that stem from fear, anxiety, unhappiness, bad habits, eating problems, quitting smoking, facing up to procrastination, phobias or anything else that you seek to change. 

There are solutions to every physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problem and I am honoured to be your guide and therapist in safely working with you, to bring about your solutions. 

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Healing Services Available For You

To Help Guide You Home To A Healthy, Wholesome You

Clinical and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy can help with a very broad variety of challenges to be resolved ( a full list of treatments are listed in the Hypnotherapy section). A relaxing session of Reiki also offers a very natural and safe method of energy healing for any presenting issues you may be experiencing. Angel Oracle Card Readings are also available to offer you clarity and insight on any situations you face. My Soul Healing Books that can also be of help and a useful tool for you are available to purchase on this site.

Home: Services

Hypnotherapy and Past Life Regression Therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a safe and clinically proven, effective method for treating a vast range of unhealthy and unwanted self-limiting behaviour patterns that can cause stress and anxiety, depression and have a negative impact upon our lives.

In a supported therapeutic setting, hypnotherapy offers you the guidance, skills and tools to take the reins and be in control of your life, on your own terms.

How does hypnotherapy work?

As a highly trained and skilled professional, I will help guide you to use your own powerful mind to increase your motivation for bringing about positive changes to your everyday life.

I can relax you into a deep trance like state, where you will always have full conscious awareness of what takes place, as I both make and reinforce positive suggestions to your sub-conscious mind. This is a very effective way to get rid of any unwanted behaviour patterns because your brain automatically goes into a more receptive mode when under a deep relaxation, therefore allowing unhealthy behaviours to be replaced with more healthy and wanted changes.

In a pre-therapy consultation with you, all steps of the therapy process in the form of an individual treatment plan would have been discussed with you in detail, before the deep state of relaxation begins.

How can Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Hypnotherapy treatment has been clinically proven to help with a wide range of conditions and different areas, including but not limited to:

•Abuse (Emotional, Financial, Physical or Sexual)

•Addictions (Behavioural and substance)

•Anxiety and Stress Management

•Eating Issues (eating disorders, comfort eating, weight loss)

•Fears (driving lesson, tests, exam-sitting, revision)

•Fitness and Health

•Financial Abundance and Manifesting


•Insomnia (Sleeping problems, too little, too much)

•Memory and Motivation Problems

•Phobias (of Flying, Spiders, Pigeons, Dentists etc.)

•Pregnancy (Parenthood, Childbirth anxiety, pain management)

•Panic Attacks

•Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


•Relationship Problems

•Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears, or Problems with Balance)

•Shyness and Blushing (fear of public speaking/performing)

•Sexual Problems

•Skin and Allergy Problems

•Social Confidence Building

•Stopping Smoking

•Stopping Nail Biting

•Stuttering and Tics

•Teeth or Jaw Grinding

If you cannot see your area of enquiry, please contact me to discuss your needs. I take a person-centred approach towards treating the individual.

A testimonial by Anna Miro, an Artist from Kingston on her hypnotherapy session in April 2018:

“Zoë Owl is someone I trust and have a lot of respect for, having worked with her several times on different aspects before now. She is very professional and thorough. I chose Zoë because I have had several readings with Zoë and they have always been spot on so I know she is a very powerful healer and psychic. Also I know she has been well trained by respected teachers in the field.

During the session I felt nurtured, held, empowered and very safe. She took great care to carefully explain the whole process, of what I should and could expect, both prior to hypnotherapy with her and after the session which I found helpful and reassuring. I would highly recommend Zoë to anyone looking for guidance or healing”.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-linguistic programming and is a simple tool to help us understand the ways in which our mind actually works, to help us recognise how and why we do the things we do. The understanding and insights gained from NLP can help empower us to be more consciously aware of our thoughts and feelings, helping to improve how we feel and subsequently behave.

How does NLP work?

NLP helps to change the way we think, so as to think more positively, as we literally become what we think, so therefore we function and thrive best from having a positive internal framework from which to act upon. NLP is a method that allows you to manage your own good ways of thinking and replace the less positive thoughts with more healthy ones. It is a bit like a computer desk top clean up to operate more effectively.

How can NLP help me?

NLP can help you in all areas of your life because everything starts with our mindset of how we think. NLP can really steer you towards positive personal development and transformation.

What is Past Life Regression (PLR) Therapy?

Some people experience problematic symptoms that they can find no root cause or explanation about. Often the symptoms are past blocks from a previous past life incarnation and can be traced back to different time lines. You may also have lost your personal power in a past life and so if this is the case, PLR therapy can help you claim back your power from those times and places, releasing any blocks and phobic fears or negative trauma memories that you have carried and recalled sub-consciously in your current lifetime.

How does PLR Therapy work?

Via a totally safe and gentle method of regression therapy under hypnosis which is an induced deep state of relaxation, whereby the receiver retains full conscious awareness of what is going on at all times, past lives will be accessed and remotely viewed to bring awareness back into current lifetime, to help alleviate any unwanted symptoms or negative impacts on present day life.

How can PLR Therapy help me?

Many people have had current day unwanted and unexplained phobias and conditions such as a fear of going into lifts, or enclosed spaces or heights, or for example, a fear of the sea, or unexplained dermatological skin conditions being resolved with PLR therapy.

Sometimes the links between lives are carried unconsciously, or sub-consciously in soul memories with only the presenting symptoms being manifested in a person's present day life. PLR therapy helps link the mind, body and spirit to recollect more holistically, therefore helping to heal unresolved trauma memories.

Feel free to contact me to discuss any further questions you may have regarding PLR Therapy, and if it is for you or not.

A Past Life Therapy Testimonial by George Williamson, a school teacher from London in July 2017:

"Sometimes, for a variety of reasons we carry events and issues around with us that weigh us down. I carried unhealed trauma that affected me physically. My very first session with Zoë released that major trauma and my health improved tremendously. Zoë's wealth of experience enabled her to support and facilitate my confronting that trauma, experiencing it, owning it and finally healing it and letting it go. I could not have done this without Zoë's help. She was by turns, the detached professional catalyst, the comforting mother figure and the inspiring She warrior, who gave me courage. 

She put me in a safe, protective, nurturing space and I was able to release my trauma at my pace. She encouraged me in a non-threatening, relaxed way, putting me at ease and supporting me at all times. I knew that I could stop whenever I wished if I felt I could not cope, but with Zoë's gentle help, I did cope and achieved my goal. 

I cannot recommend Zoë as a therapist highly enough for anyone on their life journey who wishes to move on and needs help to do so."

Reiki Energy Healing

To align your chakras and bring you peace

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a totally natural and safe deep relaxation therapy for spiritual growth designed to help you feel more aligned, balanced, centred, grounded, fulfilled, connected and peaceful within yourself.

How does Reiki work?

The Usui Japanese form of Reiki is made of two symbols. The first part Rei can be translated as Spirit, Divine or Source and the image depicts the deliberate action of a Shaman/wise elder reaching out to the heaven to bring the rain energy down. The second part of the healing system's name Ki means universal energy, or life force and this is depicted in a grain of rice and the aura surrounding it, that is the staple food of the east. Putting both images together they can be described as heaven and earth coming together. We reach out for the rain and when it falls, the rice can grow and nourish us throughout our life.

How can Reiki help me?

Reiki will energise, re-balance and heal your chakra energy centres within the body through universal energy channelled through the hands of the attuned Reiki practitioner directly above, or hands-on the body, depending if human touch is comfortable, but hands-on contact is not necessary.

Reiki will always make you feel good, more comfortable and positive. Reiki heals the symptoms of any illness or dis-ease in a holistic way with a deeper and broader understanding of healing as taking place on four interconnected different levels: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual etheric auric bodies. In Reiki healing the palms of the healer's hands become used as tools for energetic healing to be directed where it is needed within the receiver's chakra system.

Please note: Reiki Healing is a complementary therapy and is not a substitute for prescribed medication. Medical advice should always be sought before stopping any prescribed medication. Complimentary therapy can be used together alongside orthodox and holistic natural therapies.

Olivia Johnson said of her first ever Reiki Healing treatment:

"I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Zoë Owl. I have never ever felt so relaxed as that. I was also very intrigued at being able to see the auras of people around me after the Reiki healing treatment. I just loved being in this energy. I really appreciate such a special morning, afterwards I came home and made loads of jewellery the one thing I really love to do! It was an experience that I shall never forget”

Aleeyshia Linn can highly recommend having Reiki Healing as she said here in her own words: 

"I wanted to share my story with you and thank Zoe Owl for all of her support, love, healing and guidance. Since 2013 I have been fortunate enough to travel and live in numerous countries. I started to really enjoy outdoor and adventurous activities. However, since I was 18 (I'm now 29), I've always suffered with foot, ankle, knee, hip and back pain in various ways including shin splints, plantar fasciitis and I've also had a muscle spasm in my back. However, I'm a big lover of hiking and adventures so I always pushed on. 


Last January, I started experiencing severe knee pain which travelled up to my hips leaving sciatica pain. Shortly after, the pain worsened and went to my lower back. I've had MRIs, x-rays, gone to physio, chiropractors, done yoga and pilates, acupuncture, meditation. I've seen rheumatology, neurosurgery, pain clinic... you name it, I did it. I was diagnosed with 2 slipped discs. It affected my life - I had to change jobs, it affected friendships, had a dent on my finances and affected me emotionally. I've been in constant pain for 14 months and was really starting to feel low. 


I've been trying my best to push on, meditate, nourish my body, lose weight and improve my situation both mentally and physically. Last Sunday, my lovely friend Hattie couldn't make the Protection Spiritual Connections workshop and so offered her space to me. I guess you could call it divine intervention and timing as during the workshop I was in a lot of pain in my hip. After we did the lovely guided meditation, with all of that positive, protective energy in the room, my pain started to cease. It really was an amazing meditation,


I spoke to Zoe and she suggested reiki to help. I woke up on Monday after the workshop and I was in amazement, the pain was almost gone... it had turned into a little ache rather than severe sharp pain. On Tuesday, I went to visit Zoe for reiki. I've never had it before but I can tell you after that session, I would do it again. I could feel the warmth and energy from Zoe. 

The next day I felt happy, trusting and supported and went to my neurosurgery appointment. They compared me MRIs and were amazed to see they were completely healed!! They said my spine was in good health, no trapped nerves, no slipped discs and they themselves were blown away! The pain has reduced significantly. 


Two weeks ago, I was in A&E because my leg went numb and I collapsed at work and 2 weeks later I'm healed! The pain is very faint now. They want to run more tests but I no longer need surgery. The doctor told me to continue doing whatever it is I'm doing because it’s quite clearly working. I'm absolutely incredibly thankful to you all for your positive energy and especially to Zoe for all of her support and hands on help". 

Oracle Card/Vedic Astrology Readings

Astrology (North Indian Intuitive Vedic Soul Map), Angel Tarot, Shamanic Animal Medicine, Colour Therapy and many more oracle wisdoms

What are Oracle Card Readings?

Oracle cards also known as wisdom cards and tarot cards, are card tools that are used for divination, astrology and spiritual guidance. This is an ancient and time honoured way to connect with spirit guides, spirit animals, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gods and Goddesses and light beings.

How do oracle cards work?

They are based upon Pythagorean numerology which teaches us that numbers and images all vibrate in a very precise, mathematical manner. Dr Doreen Virtue a renowned psychologist, psychotherapist, psychic, author and Angel Therapy Deck creator has said "it is impossible to make a mistake when using oracle cards because they operate within the infalliable Law of Attraction. This means that your inquiries (for the person having a reading) will always attract the perfect cards as answers. Each one drawn will exactly match the vibration of the question."

How can an oracle card reading help me?

Perhaps you're needing answer to specific question you have or feel stuck on concerning your health, wealth, love-life, relationships, career, business, travel, or even just day-to-day decision making. Or maybe you need some support and confidence in any of these life areas. The oracle cards help to make getting the answers extremely easy when navigating through a confusing situation or difficult challenge, using the power of psychic intuition. The trained oracle card reader can offer direct, meaningful and loving messages from spirit guides on higher dimensional planes, who always have your highest good best intentions and well-being at heart. 

What client Steven Jackson said of his oracle card reading 

experience with, and book purchase from Zoë Owl:

"I had the most incredible session of Tarot Reading, it will stay with me forever in my memory. The energy and vibes were so high, it kept a smile on my face like smiling was the only expression I could make. I realised the next day that I had stayed sitting down smiling for 4 hours without interruption! I felt my whole body pulled upward the entire time during the reading! But I only realized the strangeness of it afterward. The information given was such that it lifted me and my mood for several days afterward and gave me such a massive confidence boost. It was an incredible experience! I then bought a tarot deck because I fell in love with their beautiful design and image. When I feel down, and I need a boost I just read some passages of 'Creative Locksmith' and there Zoë’s energy just jumps from the pages into me! Thank you Zoë!"

Books For Sale

Self Help and Educational Books

SOULutions: Soul Healing Poetry To Set Your Soul Free (Self-Help) £8 each incl. UK  p&p

Creative Locksmith: Helping You To Unlock Your Magic Within (Self-Help) £8 each including UK p&p

The Kids Book of Wisdom's...On All Kinds of Stuff! (Educational)

£12 each including p&p 

Mamas On A Mission: Give Yourself Permission To Shine As a Woman, Mother and a Creative Spirit £13 each + P&P

All the above are available both in paperback form and electronically as an e-book and on Kindle (also available on Amazon).

Cupid's Special Occasion Poetry Service

Special Occasion Poetry Commissions taken by The LoveJoy Poet Zoë Owl

Are you looking for the perfect personalised gift for a loved one or dear friend for a special occasion such as a new baby's arrival, a special birthday or anniversary, or a wedding or remembrance service? Custom poems, joyful, soulful, loving words of blessings can be personally tailored for your perfect gift for a cherished and treasured one. 

For an energy exchange rate of £75, a deeply personalised poem in your choice of style will be created for you to frame yourself or present to your loved one in any way you wish. A minimum of one A4 page with at least three verses of deeply meaningful prose will be scribed and sent to you, subject to your acceptance, with a revision edit if necessary (although unlikely, but just incase). 

Please contact LoveJoy Poet Zoë Owl to discuss your visions, ideas and requests. A few key details will be required from you (the commissioner) about the lucky blessed person or people to have their energy captured in beautiful poetic verse for a special celebration. As the commissioner you can then sit back and prepare to be most positively rewarded with the gift of a lifetime to offer your loved one(s) with thoughtfulness and in kindness. 

Dianne Pegler (Author of The Sacred Order of the Magi) who commissioned a wedding poem for her daughter said of this service: 

" I was amazed at the insights and intuitiveness of the poem about my daughter and her fiancé as Zoë had only met me once and the happy couple not at all. It was funny, light and them! Every wedding is a wonderful affair however my daughter's wedding

was the stuff of dreams. A combination of Hollywood meets Hello magazine although they are just a normal couple. I read the poem to Keiley and Craig at the wedding breakfast in the Venetian Hotel. It was a complete surprise to them, of course, and the finale to such a beautiful day. It was then that the tears of happiness, love and laughter flowed. Thank You so much, Zoë Owl...You are a genius!"

Dianne Pegler's daughter (the receiver of the wedding poem) said:

"Well the only word that completely sums up our beautiful poem is wow!!!! It was so amazing, we both loved it! We have it in a frame but we want to make it into wallpaper so we can see it all the time! Thank you again, you're amazing!!"

Mrs Keiley Camozzi

Another happily married couple Mr and Mrs Howe express their delight with their wedding poem gift in their own words as:

"Our experience of having our gifted wedding poem was totally amazing as it was so different and made our wedding reception unique and extra special as it really touched our hearts and brought happy tears to our eyes, as it was such an amazing gift to be read out and sharing with our guests how we first met on our special day and helped make our day even more wonderful, it really adds such a special touch to any wedding reception and we will treasure ours for life"

Please call the LoveJoy Poet Zoë Owl on 07584688811 or send her an email to to personally tailor your very own wedding poem, or commission one for someone special to you to gift them something truly unique and personal to help make their day even more memorable. 

The Riverhouse Arts Centre Theatre

Mama On A Mission Author Poet Performance in Walton Upon Thames

A SPECIAL CHARITY GIG night on Saturday 29th September 2019, at 8pm in the Riverhouse Barn Theatre in Walton-Upon-Thames, Zoë Owl author and performance poet will be reciting some Mother Moon Wisdoms from her latest co-authored book titled: Mamas On A Mission, which will be available for author personally signed copies on the night.

A charity music Shindig evening with KWEI band and other special guests, in aid of Parkinson's charity. Featuring music influenced by Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morrissette. Tickets only cost £10 each and support a very good cause, close to band singer songwriter Lisa Kwei's heart.   

For more information and to book tickets please click here

2020 Programme

A Close Circle for Like-Minded Souls to Gather Together and Unlock Your Full Potential in a Supportive Circle

Spiritual Workshops held one Sunday per month (2-4pm) throughout 2020 at The Quaker Centre, Fairfield East, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey, KT1 2PT

Professionally trained, qualified and experienced teacher & workshop facilitator and healer Zoë Owl will be offering monthly Sunday workshops throughout 2020 on a variety of topic aspects designed to empower and enlighten you on your spiritual path and journey, in a close circle of supportive like-minded companions. 

The variety of workshops on offer will be highly informative with leading knowledge and ancient wisdoms presented and blended alchemically on each subject, in diverse ways designed to reach all different kinds of life-learners. No entry requirements, other than an open-mind, a willingness to discover and respect to listen to others. You will be encouraged and supported in your  self-exploration and deep inner work in fun and interesting ways with effective methods designed to delve and explore, including guided meditation to obtain the answers you seek.  

The time table so far is as follows, and further sessions will be added throughout the year depending upon what the regular attendees needs and interests are, as they evolve along the journey. 

Ayurvedic Astrology Numerology: 19/01

Divine Feminine & Masculine: 16/02

Inner Child Healing: 15/03

Cultivating Your Creativity: 19/04

Sacred Geometry, Earth Ley-Lines: 17/5

Soulutions Surgery: Life Review: 14/6

Working with Archetypes: 19/07


How To Handle/Manage Narcissists 20/9

Connecting With Ancestors 18/10

Psychometry & Dowsing 15/11

Working with Ascended Masters 13/12

To keep the circle close and intimate, spaces will be limited to 12 attendees per session, as a maximum so a focus on quality time is guaranteed. 

Here is what an attendee member, Michael Holland of Spiritual Connections said of his experience of the workshops: 

“I really enjoyed the workshop that you ran a couple of weeks ago - Spiritual Connections, Your Destiny Calling: Be On Path - and I will definitely be attending future events, as and when my schedule permits. The attendees were all lovely and made me feel very welcome. All in all it was an excellent & very informative session that was time well spent with you and the workshop group. Thank you”

The affordable energy exchange for attendance per session is £30 payable as a bank transfer prior to each workshop booking. This is non-refundable once booked on but if in exceptional situations for any valid reason you are unable to attend your paid for session, you will be offered an alternative future workshop session of your choice to be fair to both facilitator and attendee parties, so as to cover venue hire, advertising and running costs continually. 

For more information and to book your space please call Zoë directly on mobile 07584688811 or email 

Whatever your problem, condition, issue or question is, I can help and be of service to you. I am committed in turning problems into solutions as safely, effectively and as quickly as possible.

london road phone boxes.JPG

Zoë Owl

I can be reached either by phone or email if you prefer, either way, I am happy to be of service to you.

In supplying your email address in any of the 'get in touch' email boxes, including the 'contact box' directly below and the 'subscribe section' beneath you are consenting to me replying to you via email or by telephone number if you provide this information in the message section. Your personal information will be kept private in accordance with the GDPR (2018) regulations. To read a copy of my Privacy Policy respecting your privacy rights please click the link here 

Thanks for submitting!


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What Others Have Said...

About Zoë Owl


"Zoë Owl is an erudite wordsmith poetress and a soul midwife of our time in this new era of the Divine Feminine. The Goddess speaks through Zoë, urging souls to have courage to connect with their own infinite beauty and power."

Heather Andrews-Dobbs- New Thought Minister and Creator of 'Every Thing For The Goddess' from East London


"SOULutions is a masterpiece of ancient wisdom written in modern language through the poetic lens of the writer, poet and therapist Zoë Owl"

André Lopez-Turner -Psychotherapist from North London

woman 12

"I received a very powerful healing session with Zoë Owl, that really helped me so much, sharing something I have taken on many different paths for healing in the past and never resolved but she went straight to the heart of the matter, I can highly recommend her"

Sarah K. - Mumpreneur from North London

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